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The Tecnomen group has implemented Lean Production in its production system in order to improve its competitiveness and working strategy and above all to guarantee higher quality and speed to customers.

The Lean method has been introduced with a view to continual improvement to:

  • Reduce waste
  • Reduce costs
  • Reduce delivery times
  • Improve service quality

These targets may become the basis for the future scenario of Factory 4.0".

“Made-in-Italy quality with a saving on delocalization"

Reshoring is the reverse process of delocalization. It consists in the return home of those companies that had delocalised to Asian countries such as China or Vietnam or to East European countries such as Romania or Serbia.

Tecnomen promotes reshoring, in the sense of bringing manufacturing back to the country of origin by concentrating skills and flexibility, saving on costs and logistic times, meeting quality requirements and ensuring direct control on products and services, for a 100% “Made in Italy” product.

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